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Industry Leaders

We invest heavily in our continued development and online education to stay on top of the internet, technology's constant changes, and leagues ahead of our competitors.  It has always been and will always be our commitment to to be the best and deliver the best.


Years of Experience

We’ve been marketing online since the birth of the industry.  We’re not the new kids on the block with some basic skills.  In the era of digital marketing, we are the founders.  We have many years of experience and a proven track record for success.


No Contracts

We are so confident we don’t operate with contracts.  All of our services are pay as you go.  Our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to, and because our results speak for themselves.

No contracts = NO RISK! 

SEO Optimization

Top of our list of specialties... SEO for high converting inbound search leads!

We LOVE search engines!  And what many people quickly forget is there are a lot of them out there, it's not just Google.  Each has their own unique and complex algorithms and formulas to not only target specific search terms but also to reach the tip of the rankings where customers can see them.

But the one thing they ALL have in common, and precisely what makes them the most valuable source of leads in the world, is people are there searching for you and your products, not the other way around!  Three quarters of the battle is simply showing up.  This is our job, our expertise, and we take it very seriously!

Our Services

What Services We Offer

SEO Business Goal


Customer searches for what you do.  You show up at that exact moment.  Sale.  SEO is how that's possible.

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Web Analytics


Is your site design modern?  Mobile friendly?  Load fast?  These matter to both Google AND your customers.

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Proprietary Lead Enhancement program produces the highest quality leads in existence.  Ask about your industry.

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Our 1-2 Punch

"Smart" SEO

Google Business Profile (Maps)

Your fastest path to leads & profits, Google Maps let you cast a net and grab lots of quick traffic and customers right in your back yard and neighboring cities.

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Local Organic

With local organic SEO, you can tap into any hot zone or densely populated area in your business territory for as much additional business as you need.

Fast AND Big ROIs

Our 1-2 punch strategy delivers on the 2 most important concerns most clients have...the fastest ROI possible so your marketing can pay for itself, and the biggest because...HELLOOO!!!


Love From Client

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Bob Sacco

"I came across iFuze Marketing and Chris about a year ago. As a business owner in a very competitive industry, I am always looking to get a "leg up" on the competition. I believe there is a role for everyone where a person can let their strong attributes shine. For me, online marketing is not it! I knew I needed help to grow my online presence. Chris has been upfront the entire time. He told me about the good, the bad, and the ugly. With anything, there will be growing pains and a time period that he would need to get my company to where it needed to be on the proper platforms. Chris has been very responsive and helped me understand an area that is not in my wheel house. Chris and iFuze have helped me grow online and in my business. I strongly recommend for any person or business owner to contact Chris if they need the proper marketing help! There are a ton of marketing companies out there, but I believe what sets Chris aside from the rest is his honesty, patience, and track record! The proof is in the pudding and he has made a believer out of me!"

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Elijah Rose

"Ifuze Marketing has been doing our SEO for some time now and providing an excellent service at that. We track our leads and sales and they have significantly increased since they came on board. Great ROI’s and their service consistently pays for itself ten times over, if not more."