5 Simple and Best SEO Tools To Help In SEO Campaign 2016

Run a Google search and you will get several posts listing hundreds of different SEO tools, from link analysis to keyword search tools. While the lists are comprehensive, they may be overwhelming too and leave you wondering where to begin. The following are some of the best tools used by experts all over the world to help you build and run a successful SEO campaign.


SEMrush is one of the most powerful tools in SEO because it helps determine whether a site is healthy or not. By this, we mean, it helps check the number of keywords ranking in Google. If no keywords are ranking in SEMrush then it is definite that the site has been penalized. It also helps to check organic traffic to a website and determine the statistics.

Screaming Frog

The right tools make SEO site audit easier. Screaming Frog helps review websites and identifies errors that can hurt their performance in search engine results. In essence, it craws into links, images, etc from an SEO viewpoint and generates information that quickly helps you analyze, audit and review a site.


Now, when it comes to back link research and link audits, ahrefs data is an extremely powerful tool. It helps in determining the number of referring domains, how many back links are from unique IPs, and natural link growth.

Majestic SEO

This back link checker instantly lets you see who is linking to your website without much hustle. If you are working on an outreach and link building campaign, the tool helps identify to ranking websites, win their trust, and reference flow.

Google Analytics

Apart from tracking the traffic redirected to your website, Google analytics also highlight several keyword insights that people use to land on your pages. This helps in generating stronger results across your websites and turns your customer preferences into real gains.

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