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Mobile Friendly Website – $199-$499

A couple years ago Google separated desktop and mobile search results so websites that were not mobile friendly would only be punished and lose their traffic in the mobile results.  Google is now bringing desktop and mobile results back together in 2018 and mobile will be priority because the majority of searches now take place on mobile devices, not desktop.  Your site HAS to perform well on mobile or you’re toast everywhere.

Website Speed – $199-$499

Website speed affects rankings.  Fast websites get ranking priority over slow ones.  Also users hate slow websites so even if they rank their visitors likely won’t stick around long enough to turn into customers.  We’ll make it load faster

AMP pages – $99-$199

AMP is a format that allows mobile pages to perform more efficiently.  Over the last couple years Google has slowly but steadily given priority in the search rankings to AMP pages.  Have YOU noticed the “AMP” tag showing up next to more and more search results on your phone?  Google is trying to tell you something.  We will add AMP format to website pages.

Social Media Management – $499/month

Not for direct sales.  This is a common misunderstanding.  The truth is Social Media flat out stinks as a means of creating revenue for most businesses.  But what it’s great for is building trust and authority in the eyes of your audience.  It’s also extremely time consuming.  We will post 1-4 pieces of industry related CURATED content on up to 4 of your social channels, as much as twice per day.

HTTP to HTTPS – $199

For websites without a security certificate (about ½ in existence) Google recently started displaying the http:// in the address bar in bright red and with a slash through it.  This is meant to tell ALL people about to visit that site that it’s NOT SECURE, possibly not safe, and to enter at their own risk.  In other words, it drastically reduces the traffic a website gets.  We will add the security certificate to the website so it displays as https://, …nice, green, pretty and SAFE.

Social Media Audit – $19/each

People expect to see that any credible business has all the major social pages like Facebook, Twitter, GMB, LinkedIn, etc….  If they’re missing any, we will create them and optimize them for the search engines for them

Security Audit – $199

Business sites are being hacked, compromised and/or held ransom at an all time high.  We will search the site for many important issues Google pays attention to, discuss possible findings and options to fix them.

If security issues are identified, costs to fix are additional

Siri Optimization – $99

If there is an iPhone present, ask Siri for “[your industry] near me.” (like if you’re a plumber, it would be “plumbers near me.”  If she DOES NOT recommend your actual business it means she doesn’t know you exist and you’re missing out on a lot of business.

Website Audit – $199

Most websites have far more technical issues than they realize that affect their performance and ability to rank in the search engines.  They still get the job done and often they can still rank as well, but visitors aren’t getting the best experience possible which WILL affect sales to some degree, and it takes far more work and money to achieve the same rankings than if the site was operating at its peak performance.  This full audit will uncover all those technical issues and bring them to the site owner’s attention.

Facebook Push Notifications – $99

Question: How many business owners watch foot traffic pass by their doors every day just wishing more of them would come in?  Answer: ALL OF THEM!  Well with Facebook’s little known Push Notifications you can finally accomplish that, in mass numbers, which can result in HUGE increases in business.  We can increase your walk in traffic significantly by optimizing your FB page so it pushes a notification to EVERYBODY that gets within range of your wireless router.  That notification can say anything like “come on in, ‘check in’ and get a free appetizer” or something super simple yet super effective just like that.

$19 for FB page if you don’t have one, per the Social Media Audit

Review Video – $149

Will make and rank a video for you just like


  • Video will include information about your business, and showcase your actual positive company reviews
  • Positive reviews increase consumer trust
  • Video positions you professionally and converts much higher than text
  • Combined they dramatically boost customer confidence and turn many more potential customers into paying customers


Revenue Report – $19

Will provide you with the annual sales revenues in Amazon of the top 10 selling competitor products.  One glance and you’ll know…

    • Your full earnings potential if just one of your products becomes the top seller of it’s kind
    • How much bigger the earnings get if MULTIPLE products of yours hit the top 10 (many brands fall under these circumstances)
    • Total earnings for ALL of the top 10 combined.  This amount of money is mind boggling and often far more than we were prepared to realize.  And once you do, it puts getting your piece of it into perspective and makes it all the more a reality!

Competitor Keyword Hijack – $49 per competitor listing

With recent updates Amazon has drastically reduced the # of keywords your listing can index for, making keyword selection more strategic and critical than ever before.  But with the thousands of phrase variations buyers use to find products like yours, researching the most profitable ones can be a time consuming nightmare.  And the chances of missing some of the best money makers are still almost a certainty.  The solution?  Our keyword hijacks.  The fact is your most successful competitors have already done all this hard keyword research for you.  So rather than putting yourself through that giant headache of a job, we can reverse engineer your top selling competitors listings like a ninja in the dark and show you every single keyword they’re making money from so you can shortcut right to the top and leave all the hassle behind.

Keyword and Revenue Analysis – $99

Combine the above Revenue Report with Competitor Keyword Hijacks for your TOP THREE competitors!


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