Everything You Need to Know About Google TrustRank

It is the dream of every business owner to have their website ranking on the first page of Google search engine results page. With great Search Engine Optimization, this can be a dream come true. Google ranks pages depending content, keywords, title tags, domain and URL among others. Many businesses have awesome and high quality websites but still, they might not see their pages getting the first ranking. This is because Google does not trust you.

Google Trustrank basically refers to the level of esteem and trust that Google has for your website. Having a high trust rank with Google is beneficial because your site is deemed great and important by Google and this gives you first page and continual ranking over a long period of time. This means increased traffic flow every single day leading to high conversion rates and incredible increase in sales. This also ensures that your site never gets penalized as Google does not penalize sites that it trusts.

Gaining Google trust can be achieved by patience and hard work for your site. This can be done by

On page Trust optimization

When linking out to other sites, it is advisable to link out to Authority sites. This is because the sites you link out reflect on your site. Your site should have a thorough privacy policy and Terms of use.

Make your site appear as a big brand

Ensure that your site name is a little bit different. This tells Google that your brand is unique. Give special attention to the About Us page on your site as it tells Google what your company is all about. Have multiple and active social media accounts.

Domain information

Ensure that your domain info is trustworthy. You can achieve this by registering your domain for 2 years and above and giving real contact and address and making it public. This shows transparency and will definitely gain you trust with Google.

Google TrustRank is essential for continual ranking on first page results.

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