Important Search Engine Optimization Factors That Will Improve Your Ranking

As you may well know search engine optimization is today the most powerful tool that you can use to gain ranking. In fact, if you do it properly and consistently you will dominate your competition for years to come. There are several SEO factors that you cannot afford to ignore these are the factors that crawlers look at when they are indexing websites.


These are links between your website and authority sites. The more organic backlinks you have the better ranked your website will be. Creating good backlinks takes a long time so dont expect it to happen overnight. There are some internet marketers who buy backlinks dont do that because it doesnt help you much. In fact, Google frowns upon it and you may find your ranking dropping. You should also make sure that your backlinks are varied.

Quality of Content

If you want to understand how important content is to SEO think about this: Googles primary business is information. This means that if you are putting out good information they will reward you and if you put out poor quality of information they will punish you. Make sure that you have top quality, interesting content that provides information that users are looking for. Google also likes it when you change content every few months.

Length of Content

This has been a discussion for a long time but research is finally proving that people dont mind long articles so long as they provide meaningful information. In fact, articles as long as 3,000 words are just as likely (if not more) to be read as articles that are much shorter. Write longer, meaningful content and it will get your website better ranked.

If you focus on these 3 factors you will see your website steadily begin to get better and better rankings.

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