Key On Page SEO Factors That Affect Business Rankings

Almost every business has embraced online marketing as a way of reaching a wider audience. In todays world, people are using the internet to look for information, products and services. Businesses provide solutions to these problems hence getting a high ranking on search engines are critical for businesses. This means that when a user types words to get information your company appears first as a solution provider. This increases the traffic to your site hence increment on revenue.There are important elements on page SEO that a company should consider to get these top rankings, and they include:


This is the information about the product or service provided by the business. It should offer clear details on the product and services provided. It should express the expertise the business has above the other competitor I the market and give the user reasons as to why they are best suited in providing those products and services in the market. Good content should supply demand and be linkable.

Title tags

Title tags give a brief description of the contents on a web page. For a title to be effective, it must contain keywords which are vital in showing relevancy, browsing and rankings on search engine results page. The use of the proper keyword in title tags increases search engine traffic hence high ranking. Good title tags should have an emotional impact on the user to persuade them to click on the webpage to learn more.


URL is another on-page SEO element which shows the hierarchy of information on a web page. It is important for SEO ranking as it shows the relevance of the web page by search engines. Good URL will drive traffic to your page as SERP will display it as the containing the information relevant to the user.These On page elements should be capitalized by businesses that want to get high rankings on SEO as this leads to more traffic hence more money.

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