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I have been marketing online since 2007. I’ve seen many changes come over the industry during this time, but the most critical ones have been recently. Google has implemented countless algorithm updates in the last 24 months to complicate the ranking process in efforts to eradicate black-hat tactics and spam. The result is that most individuals/agencies performing SEO services are currently practicing outdated methods that are not only obsolete and ineffective, but can actually cause serious damage to a website resulting in it being removed from the search engines completely. I have made it my business over the last 2 years to master current real-time SEO trends and be part of a small percentage of elite SEO providers that deliver very fast, very effective and very long-lasting results. A flashy image doesn’t make us one of the best internet marketing companies in the U.S. Our results do..

What does this mean to you?

  • More leads!
  • More customers!
  • More business!
  • More sales!
  • More money!

iFuze Marketing is an internet & mobile marketing SEO agency based out of Chicopee, Massachusetts, but we can launch you to page one of Google VERY quickly no matter what region in the country you’re located, so you can benefit from endless streams of brand new local customers and website visitors right away. We will get you where you need to be, on top of Google, where all of your future customers are already waiting for you.

Without revealing the specifics (secrets) that get us faster & better results than the rest, our SEO services include:

  • Keyword Research – One of the most important steps, yet often the first thing other SEO agencies get wrong.  Finding profitable keywords is easy.  Finding the right profitable keywords your business needs to target to increase sales is another story.  It depends heavily on each business’ short and long-term earnings goals, the size of their territory, as well as the demographic type & volume in the area they do business in.  Luckily for you that’s not your problem.  It’s ours.  And we know exactly how to get you started.
  • Site Analysis – Google is constantly changing what they want to see from websites to grant them VIP access (put them on the first page.)  Unfortunately what they wanted last year, is the same thing they’ll punish you for this year.  As a result, more often than not your website contains hidden problems from past work done that is actually now preventing you from achieving anything worthwhile in their listings.  We will analyze your site to identify and correct any problem areas it may have , and make sure it’s healthy and ready for improvement to get you to the top.
  • Site Structure Check – Along with the above, site structure is now one of the most important aspects to getting desirable results as quickly as possible.  With the proper set up, your site can climb much faster and reach higher limits than without it.  We will assess your site for you, and make necessary changes for you when needed.
  • Onsite Optimization a.k.a. Website Optimization – Remember those keywords we researched for?  This is where we make sure all the pages of your site are set up properly to get the results we’re aiming for with those keywords we’re targeting.
  • Offsite Optimization – Also referred to as back linking, this is what makes all your web marketing happen.  All the previous steps are preparations for this stage.  If they are not done correctly, nothing you do in this step will work.  Plain and simple.  And if everything else is done perfectly, but this step is not, again…count on never seeing any results, regardless of how much you paid for them.  Back links are a mystery to most.  There are so many different types.  Some are important, some are more important than others, and some will actually hurt your site now.  Also, anchor text (what your clickable link says) is more important than ever now too.  An effective back linking strategy is like a great soup.  There are many ingredients that need to go into it, many that should never even make their way into the kitchen, and of the ingredients being used…proportions are everything.  Too much or too little of any one component and the whole soup is shot.  Lucky for you, we make the best soup in town!
  • Competition Analysis – From the moment we begin working with you we are constantly observing your competitors. This not only allows us to gauge how aggressive we’ll need to be to overtake them, but what they’re doing along the way as well so we can ensure you remain ahead of them.

For more information on how SEO works, check out Wikipedia

What People Say About Us


John Susko
Solution Consultant, Supply Chain &
Internet of Things

“Christopher Benson is one of those rare people who has been able to successfully combine the technical and ‘art’ aspects of SEO and internet marketing. His depth of knowledge and experience in this arena places him far ahead of any so-called competitors. He is a member of the most successful private online marketing association for continuous learning - which is why I…more”


Preston Martelly
Preston Martelly, Leading the Mobile Revolution

“I highly recommend Christopher Benson for your marketing and advertising initiatives. He has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence, and honor - someone who gets things done! I have no hesitation in recommending him to know that he will always give his best to you and your business.”


Patrick Augustin
CEO, Digital Marketing Experts

“Christopher has been great to work with and always bring his ‘A game’ every time he comes to the table. I highly recommend working with him and his team if ever you get the chance. His work ethic and quality of work are amazing.”