Search Engine Optimization Tips


Keywords: Concentrate on the topic of content

Well current Hummingbird update is not just an update however it is full modification over of the search algorithm. All these days more focus was on keyword, keyword in title, keyword in meta tags, URLs, keyword density, etc, all this is still required now it is now more about subject of the article, your short article ought to consist of even more keywords that are relevant to topic.


Bounce Rate: Visitors Engagement on Your Site

Just how much time does visitor to your website spent or in shorts bounce rate. Well if you are having a meaningful material and giving what visitor desires than he will be spending more time on your web page. Enhancing user engagement on your web site can lower bounce rate and therefore increase the possibilities of much better position.


Titles & Headers: Create Meaningful and Attention Grabbing Lines

The rule for composing Search Engine Optimization optimized title tag and header have not changed but there there could be modification in Google title tag algorithm. Can you still continue with optimizing title tag for keyword or several keyword? so if you are optimizing your material concentrated on topic and not on keyword than obviously your title should be based on topic.


Description: Must be Concentrated to Increase Click-through Rate

There is no much modification in optimization of meta description tag. Avoid duplicate description tag, ensure that every page on your internet site is having different description. Keyword stuffing in description can raise alarm so the very best concept is to concentrate on enhancing click with rate.


Keyword Packing: Prevent it

Discussing keyword stuffing is like an old-fashioned talk and by now all the Search Engine Optimization followers understand very well that keyword stuffing will be punished. However there are some sort of site like shopping cart where it is possible that very same keyword appears many times could be as a classification or titles of items. So will this not impact your search engine optimization and thus ranking.


Speed: More vital to Reduce Bounce Rate.

Although there are claims that speed of the website does not account much for the online search engine ranking, however it will definitely effect the visitors patience and therefore enhance bounce rate. If you really wish to know the speed of your internet site, than try to open it in a busy regional network. If it can open swiftly than your website speed is fine.

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