Online Review Management

Who Would You Call First?


If you’re like the rest of us, you made a decision before you could even finish reading the question.

Your customers do the exact same thing when looking online for a service like yours. 

The one in the middle gets all the business.  The other two might as well not even exist because nobody calls them.  What’s even worse is they’re paying for marketing just to drive their customers to…their COMPETITION!  OUCH!     Which one do you want to be?  Or a better question is…

Which one do you NEED to be?

Let’s talk about why online reviews important…

  • 95% of people search for local businesses online
  • 91% read reviews
  • 73% think a review older than 3 months is no longer relevant
  • 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation
  • Most consumers look at 2+ review sites before making a decision
  • When making a decision to hire, they consider…
    • Average star rating
    • # of reviews
    • Review frequency
    • Review age
    • Average rating across multiple sites
    • How biz responds to negative reviews
    • Sentiment of the reviews

The point is, they matter…A LOT.  People check Google, Yelp and many other sites, and most are going to call the business with the most reviews, highest star rating, and recent reviews.  If that’s not you, you’ll never even know how many people ALMOST called you.  Don’t YOU want to be the one they call call?

And what if a bad review slips in?  You might even have provided an excellent service, but it can still happen.  Your customers have bad days too, and sometimes they take it out on the wrong people.  Unfortunately, your future customers don’t know the difference.  One bad review can destroy your online reputation if you don’t have a strong rating with many positive reviews already.  You NEED to be proactive, and collect insurance reviews to protect yourself.

Why our online review management service?

Let’s first look at why most people DON’T leave reviews.  The 3 most common reasons are…

I didn't have time!


I forgot!


I don't know!


We eliminate these exact 3 obstacles that most of your customers face.  The result is while everyone else continues to struggle getting these critical reviews, you become a review getting machine.

Our system…
  • Makes it easier than ever for your customers to leave you reviews
  • Attracts good reviews, and PREVENTS BAD reviews!
  • Keeps new reviews coming in regularly
  • Alerts you every time a new review is left (on any one of HUNDREDS of online review sites)
  • Adds the reviews to your website in REAL TIME, right as they are left on the review site
  • Adds the reviews to your Facebook page, also in REAL TIME
  • Is incredibly inexpensive!

Check out some testimonials…


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