The Most Important Takeaways in the Google Quality Ranking

To the layman, the latest Google Quality Ranking Guide looks like a pile of mumbo-jumbo in fact, it looks so much like a bunch of algorithms that it can be easy to miss the main takeaways. This would be a mistake because then you wouldnt know what Google is looking at when they are ranking your website. It is important that you know so that you provide it for better ranking. Here are some of the main takeaways:

One of the first things that Google has included here is the Your Money or Your Life guideline. In other words, they want good content to be on pages that affect a users buy decision as much as possible. You can have great content on a page but if there isnt a product on there that is so compelling that user feels that they need to buy it then that page will not rank as well.

Expertise/Authoritativeness/ Trustworthiness or EAT is also a top priority for Google now. They understand that there is a lot of information out there and most of it cannot be relied upon to be accurate or even true. Any websites or blogs that can show that they are EATable will get better ranking. How can you do that? By doing thorough research with your content, providing sources, questioning them, providing supporting facts and so on.

Supplementary content will also take you a long way. What is it? It is content other than your main content that you provide for users. It can come in the form of side bar tips. Although not many website provide these there are now enough plugins in the market that can help you transform yours and make it rank better. Include things like images, related articles and anything else that you think a user could use to make a buy decision.

There are many more guidelines so get started on implementing these three.

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