The Pros and Con of PPC Marketing That You Need to Know

Pay per click advertising is one of the best online marketing strategies. It involves creating an Ad that you put on another company or person websites. Every time the Ad is clicked on, you pay the website owner. Some of the companies that provide PPC advertising are Google Adwords, Yahoo and Microsoft AD Center. Like every other mode of advertising, PPC has pros and cons which should be considered by every company before engaging it for marketing.


It gives measurable results

Unlike SEO, pay per click can give you measurable results. This is because it keeps counting on the number of views on your Ad, Number of clicks on your Ad and the number of people who took performed different actions as directed by the ad.

The cost of the campaign is in your control

In PPC advertising, providers provide you with the option of setting up a budget that is comfortable for you. As you can track the performance of your Ads in real time, it is possible to remove ineffective Ads and promote the Effective ones by controlling the budget. This makes sure that you do not overspend unnecessarily.

Helps in targeting of the right audience

In PPC Advertising, you are at liberty to target a specific audience by choosing on location. This is important as it directs your product to its users hence this should guarantee traffic and boost sales in your site.


It does not guarantee sales

Getting sales from PPC Advertising depends on several factors. For example, quality of Ad, keywords used and content of the website. When any of these is ins, you might not get as many sales.

Ads disappear when campaigns end

Ads on PPC disappear immediately you stop paying this means the traffic to your site also end and so do the sales.PPC can be very effective, and it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to enable you make an informed decision.

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