Top Guest Blogging Mistakes That Any Blogger Should Avoid

Guest blogging is a strategy that is used mostly by bloggers whereby they write posts on other bloggers blog. Writing a guest blog gives you a new identity among other bloggers and audience that are related to that niche. Every good blog also adds value to your blog and the blogs brand.

However, there are a number of mistakes that many guest bloggers make.

Pitching a busy blog

Posting on a busy blog is a task that is highly competitive. This is because everyone wants to be featured on a blog that is busy as it offers the chance of being exposed. You will be limited to posting here as they mostly require people who have a name in the industry or have a great experience. You, therefore, should concentrate on building your name in that industry.

Grammatical or spelling errors in pitches

Your target blog has already established a name for itself in that particular industry. It means that you need to maintain a pitch that will not lead to your post being neglected. Avoiding grammatical and spelling errors can help you in keeping the required pitch.

Lack of a strategy

This is the most common mistake among bloggers. Ensure that you have a strategy that is supporting your goals. For instance, consider things like whether your post is targeting a new audience or it is meant to improve your ranking. In cases like this, there is a need to have a keyword that is targeted.

Targeting wrong blogs

By following your strategy, you should be able to identify the blog that will help you with achieving that. If you want to build more traffic to your blog, look for a blog that will send the traffic to your blog. If on the other hand, you want to improve your rankings on search engines, look for a blog that will assist you with this.

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