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Step 1 – Increase Visibility

90% of consumers today perform a Google or Amazon search before purchasing any goods or services. Your customers start with search engines so you should too. Get to the top of Google and everything changes.

Step 2 – Increase Business

The top spot in Google gets 35-50% of all the traffic on the web for that keyword. For example, if the keyword search is “SEO Company Los Angeles” there are approx. 1440 searches per month. The top spot would get 504-720 visitors per month. That is amazing! Just imagine all the new business we can redirect away from your competitors towards your business.

Step 3 – Increase Revenue

Most advertising dollars are spent trying to get in front of people in the hopes that they might become a potential customer. SEO is a far more powerful form of marketing because the customers are LOOKING FOR YOU! Ranking at the top of Google or Amazon gives you instant credibility with customers who are actively seeking someone just like you, or a product just like yours. Rank at the top and watch your revenue explode.

Research & Evaluation

Discuss Your Goals

We can help you grow but we want to know what your goals are. Let’s discuss your plans for growth to help us understand exactly what you are trying to achieve.

Research Local Market

SEO is not a one size fits all marketing strategy. Every market is different so we need to first understand your market and find the best paths to increase your revenue.

Assess Your Website

Google evaluates hundreds of factors on each page of your site so we need to get in and look it over so we can create a custom plan to make your website as compatible with google as possible. The more google likes your site the faster it will climb to the top of the rankings.

What We Offer

Competition Analysis

Once we get your site performing at it’s highest potential it is time to evaluate your competition. By analyzing your competitors websites we are able to get a clear understanding of what it is going to take to outrank them and increase your revenue.

Custom SEO Plan

Google is constantly changing their methods to ensure only the best of the best can get to the top of their search engine. If SEO is not done correctly Google will penalize your business by pushing you further and further from the top. Our specialty is creating a unique, custom plan that is tailored specifically to your business. We will help you get to #1 so you can reach all your goals.


Any marketing strategy can only be measured by results. How much return did you get on your investment? Our goal is to create an affordable custom approach to your business goals that can generate the highest returns. SEO done with sophistication has proven time and time again to dramatically increase revenues. We want to give you all of our sophistication in a simple plan that will benefit your business for years to come.

Why Choosing iFuze Marketing is critical to your online success

With 90% of consumers performing an online search before contacting a physical business, it is vital for your business to rank on the first page of Google, and other search engines. It is equally important that you choose a reputable internet marketing company.  When you searched SEO Oklahoma City you found us, clearly indicating our ability to do the same for you.  What could a top ranking mean to your business?  Making this choice correctly could mean the difference between extreme success and utter failure for your own business.

1. Focus on Your Business.
It can be exhausting and time-consuming to study and understand search engine algorithms, and come up with effective online campaigns, while still running your core business. A good SEO agency becomes the obvious solution as it allows you to keep working on the smooth running of your business while it labors on your online exposure. Picking the wrong SEO company would split your focus to contingency plans, as the company would be unable to deliver its promises. This is not only detrimental to your mental health but it might result in the poor performance of your business.

2. Quality Work and Timely Results
When you work with a professional company, you are assured that it will deliver on agreed results within a certain time frame. This not only saves you money, it also makes you money faster as you are able to reap the benefits of successful online campaigns and SEO marketing. An unprofessional Oklahoma City SEO agency, on the other hand, would not be in a position to meet deadlines, resulting in more costs and huge losses for your company.

3. Reputation and Future Ranking
Good SEO agencies follow the webmaster guidelines that are posted by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. These guidelines dictate certain practices that are not allowed, such as spam content. The wrong internet marketing company would disregard these guidelines resulting in a dismally low search rank and banning from some of these search engines. This would permanently affect the reputation of your website and business, resulting in crushing losses.

4. False vs. Deliverable Promises
As you discuss what to expect from some of these agencies, a bad SEO agency will promise you results that it cannot guarantee in an effort to elicit immediate payment from you. SEO companies that guarantee the number one ranking on Google, or other search engines, are definitely lying as no company can expressly assure you of that. You should also be wary of companies that claim to have a close relationship with search engines, thereby assuring their clients the highest ranking. A good company will help you set realistic goals, using examples from previous and current clients to argue their case, versus promising unrealistic goals.

5. Communication
When you choose a reliable company to handle your internet marketing, you are assured of smooth communication. They routinely update you on the progress they have made and on what they are planning on doing next. A disreputable agency does not offer the same communication courtesy. Some of these agencies may make unwarranted changes to your website without your consent; and the exchange of ideas and updates might not happen on a regular basis as communicating with the client is not a priority to them.



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