You’re finally ready to join many other smart product owners and dramatically increase your sales and revenue, by getting your products on the world’s largest marketplace and in front of the largest customer base on the planet?  Now is the perfect time because Amazon is hotter than ever and as hard as it may be to comprehend, they’re still only just scratching the surface on how profitable it is to sell with them!

Or maybe you’re already setup on Amazon and just not doing as well as you like?  Don’t feel bad.  Just like you, most people find out the hard way that marketing their business on the largest websites in the world like Amazon and Google is a full-time job in itself, and who has time for that when you already have a business to run?

The good news is, we have helped many people and businesses in both situations and can do the same for you.  Whether you’re just starting to take your first steps towards an incredibly lucrative future on Amazon, or you’re already in up to your knees and have no idea what to do next, we can jump in with you at any stage, and painlessly guide you through to incredible success.

Don’t waste another minute.  Call (413)206-2228 or email today to discuss how we can help you right away!

And if you want to understand more for yourself about how it works and why we’re so successful, continue reading.

The main things you need to understand about Amazon are…

  1. They are a search engine, not a store.

  2. Their top priority is making money.  The more you can sell, the more they want to help you continue increasing your sales.

Now, most sellers haven’t even figured either of these facts out yet, and they’re still doing great.  Imagine how well you could do knowing what they don’t?  Everything is a LOT easier when you understand where Amazon is coming from and you’re working with them, not against them.

Along with helping you gather everything you need to be active on Amazon, and then helping you set up and create your account and product listings, what we do is…

A) Optimize your listing to get as much targeted internal Amazon traffic as possible.  If you sell skateboards, do you want shoppers finding you that are looking for skateboards, or coffee makers?  We make sure you’re getting the first kind…and lots of them.

  • EXTENSIVE keyword research
  • strategically optimize the full listing so it indexes for the most profitable keywords
  • back end set up
  • increase keyword rankings

B) Set up your listing to convert the highest rate of visitors into paying customers.  The better it converts, the more sales you wind up with from the same amount of traffic (VERY important to Amazon.)

  • image selection/recommendations/improvements (CRITICAL STEP – get this one wrong and nothing else matters) and upload
  • edit copy so the message inspires maximum sales
  • pricing adjustments for maximum sales volume and revenue
  • ongoing conversion testing and improvement

C) Acquire initial reviews, and continue increasing count.  No matter how good a product is, most Amazon shoppers won’t touch it if it doesn’t have any positive reviews from past buyers.  Nobody wants to be the first.  From there, the more QUALITY reviews you have, the more comfortable visitors are spending their money on you too, so you get even more purchases from the same amount of visitors, making your conversion rate even better.

  • we’ll show you how to get your first 5-20 reviews right away to get those sales moving and your income rolling as quickly as possible
  • through numerous proprietary methods we encourage the highest rate of new customers to provide their feedback, keeping a steady flow of growing reviews
  • reputation (star rating) management – reviews are great, but not if they don’t come with a lot of stars!  One low star review can completely kill a product’s sales, so we have a system for not only locating the buyers that left the less than ideal ratings, but also for getting them to either remove them completely, or even better, change them to 5 stars and bring your product from zero, back up to hero!

D) Send as much traffic to it as possible.  The more we send, the more it converts into sales and revenue.

  • This includes Amazon ads and ppc campaigns, giveaway contests, discount promotions and many outside traffic sources

E) The more sales we get, the more points we score with Amazon, and the more favors they throw at us to help with A), B), C) and D) to keep the snowball rolling, getting bigger each time around.

F) Repeat A) through E) until you don’t feel like making any more money.  🙂

I know, it’s a lot.  But we know Amazon like the back of our hand.  We’re on top of their many changes as they happen, and the results and financial rewards can come very quickly.  Let us help you experience increased sales and revenue right away too.

Has your account been suspended?

Good news!  We can help here too.  Amazon is very quick to shoot now and ask questions later.  In other words, because they’re so big, if they detect anything that even remotely resembles a violation of their Terms of Service, they don’t usually waste time suspending accounts, even if it was there mistake and you weren’t doing anything wrong (this is the case quite often.)  Unfortunately, once this happens it is still up to you to fix the problem.  Even though their mistake is costing you your business, they’re not going to take the time to research and fix the issue for you.  That is your job.  The problem is they’re not very specific in what they want from you to lift the suspension and return your account to it’s functional status.  Many sellers repeatedly try and fail, costing them invaluable days, weeks or even months of sales they’ll never get back.   Trough trial and error over time we have identified the key steps and elements they look for to lift suspensions.  Now, nearly every request we submit gets approved.  If you’re account has been suspended, we can help.  Please let us know.

Call (413)206-2228 or email today to discuss how we can help you sell MUCH more on the worlds largest marketplace, to the world’s largest customer base, now!


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