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Not only are the days of getting by in business without a website are over, but the days of getting by with an old or outdated website are over too.  Whether you have realized it or not, if your website doesn’t meet today’s standards and consumer expectations, it IS negatively affecting your business.


First off, Google pushes old websites to the bottom the search results because they want only the ones that provide an acceptable experience for their customers to be found.  Older websites tend to be slow, difficult to read or find information, and NOT mobile-friendly.


If it’s slow loading, visitors press the back arrow and move on to the next.  This is called a “bounce” and it’s bad news.  Google tracks these and penalizes for them.


If your website is hard to read or navigate, or if your visitor can’t quickly find the information they came looking for, they will also “bounce.”  BAD!


And if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, meaning it’s responsive and reformats itself to fit a phone screen if that’s what the visitor is viewing it from (2/3rds of your site visitors are mobile now) not only will the visitor certainly “bounce” but Google doesn’t wait for them to complain.  Non-mobile friendly sites are immediately penalized so you get little to no web traffic.

So as you can see, having a current website that meets today’s standards is critical just to be found in today’s Google.  Ever wonder how much business you’ve been missing out on?  EVERYBODY searches Google first when they need a local business, so I bet it’s a lot.


Also, and unfortunately, when it comes to business online, appearance DOES matter.  And it matters quite a bit.  If your website does meet Google’s technical standards, it’s not uncommon these days for your website to get bombarded with visitors and potential customers, but you never knew it because they turned around and left before ever reaching out to you.  Why?  Because they didn’t like what they saw.  The look AND messaging on your website is more important now than ever before.

Your website is the first thing most new customers see about your business.  And they feel if keeping it current and up to their expectations isn’t a priority, the quality of work to follow won’t be either.  It may not be a fair assessment but it’s real life.  And as a business, it is our job to understand what our customers want, and give it to them if we want them to pay us for our services in return.

Your website greets your customers.  It’s your first impression.  Do you want to be clean and presentable when you greet your new potential customers, or just rolling out of bed?  Let’s give that website a cup of coffee, a shower and some clean clothes.


Our web designers have years of experience and a wide range of site development backgrounds to ensure whatever your business and it’s website needs, we can deliver it.  Check out some desktop and mobile-friendly responsive samples below.  Keep in mind your design options are not limited to what you see.  These are to inspire you, and to demonstrate whatever your needs may be, we have them covered.


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“Christopher Benson is one of those rare people who has been able to successfully combine the technical and ‘art’ aspects of SEO and internet marketing. His depth of knowledge and experience in this arena places him far ahead of any so-called competitors. He is a member of the most successful private online marketing association for continuous learning - which is why I…more”


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Preston Martelly, Leading the Mobile Revolution

“I highly recommend Christopher Benson for your marketing and advertising initiatives. He has built a strong (and deserved) reputation as someone with vision, diligence, and honor - someone who gets things done! I have no hesitation in recommending him to know that he will always give his best to you and your business.”


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“Christopher has been great to work with and always bring his ‘A game’ every time he comes to the table. I highly recommend working with him and his team if ever you get the chance. His work ethic and quality of work are amazing.”